About Us

Anderson Concrete Placement was started in 2009 by Sonny Anderson, as there was a growing need for more material placing equipment in the area. Due to its high volume output and ability to move concrete, rock and sand, he first purchased a TB105 Putzmeister Telebelt. By the end of the first year a second TB105 Telebelt was purchased to help keep up with growing demand. A few years later, a Putzmeister 38z boom pump was added to the fleet. Now we service a large number of contractors across the tri-state area. Collectively the fleet moves on average 75,000 yards of material each year.


- $3.50 per mile                                                         

- $4.00 per yard of material

- $165.00 an hour

- $15.00 prime charge for pump truck

​- $100.00 Saturday charge per ticket

​- $500.00 minimum charge

Line Pumping

​- 3" hose per 10' $25.00

- Grout prime charge $75.00

​- Some jobs may be subject to deliver charge per mile $4.00

​- Additional labor if required per hour $75.00

​- 1 yard of 9 bag grout mix may be required

Cancelation Policy

​No charge if the truck does not leave the shop. Otherwise: Charged one hour plus mileage.

We provide residential, commercial, and agricultural concrete pumping and conveying services. We are located in Fingal, North Dakota and service the tri-state area. We pride ourselves not only on having well maintained equipment, but very experienced operators to help complete your pour in a timely matter. We know your schedule is very important, and we are here to help ensure you keep it. We would like to be your choice for all your concrete pumping and conveying needs, so call us today! (701) 490-1489


TB105 (max reach 105 ft)

TB105 (max reach 105 ft)

38m zboom (max reach 108 ft)